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Random Facts Friday (Week 11)

When I started participating in Random Facts Friday, three weeks after its conception, I wrote eight entries within the course of two weeks. This was mostly due to the aid of old TIME magazines piled in my room, which I read and collected facts from before discarding the issues (many of which I had to double check resources to see if two- or three-year-old information was still valid, and to site information from a reliable internet source). These queued entries lasted me from June 27th to August 15th. After last week’s entry was posted (week 10), it was time to draft a new batch. The last of this set will be posted on October 24th.

1. In 1980, the U.S. government performed a $150 million study, which the results conveyed to reduce risk of heart disease by eating less cholesterol and fat. The National Institutes of Health recommended that U.S. citizens (age 2 and older) cut down on fat consumption. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) issued the first dietary guidelines, with its main goal was to have consumers avoid all types of cholesterol and fat. Philip Handler, the president of the National Academy of Sciences was skeptical of this “vast nutritional experiment” (Source).

2. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, proclaiming the first annual awareness event in 1983 (Source).

3. Australian researchers are developing a genetically modified banana (“Super Banana”) enriched with five times more vitamin A than the standard banana, which will benefit the deficiency of children’s health in developing countries. Vitamin A deficiency blinds about 300,00 children a year, and associated with almost 700,000 deaths (Source).

4. It was reported in June 2014 that an estimated 140,000 of undocumented Cambodian workers have fled Thailand in fear of a crackdown on illegal labor by military junta ruling (Source).

5. The percentage of American teenagers who smoke cigarettes has dropped to its lowest in 22 years at 15.7%, past the goal of 16% of teen smokers by the year 2020 (Source).

Random Facts Friday (Week 10)

1. 19 states still allows corporal punishment in public schools. 51,170 students were struck by educators in Texas during the 2005-2006 academic year. 7.5% of students were struck by educators in Mississippi during the same academic year (Source).

2. Bloomsbury Wigs of London, England is a cosmetic company that buys hair from customers to create into wigs. The minimum 10 inches of undamaged hair can be sold to be made into wigs for an estimated £15. 19 or more inches can be sold for as much as £200. Hair sold cannot be dyed, processed, curly, wet, plaited or braided, too dry, or have too many layers, and must be secured in a ponytail (Source).

3. Japan’s population is predicted to drop by 30% by the year 2060, down to 90 million people. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes to draw the “demographic red line” at 100 million people by the estimated year, 20% less of the country’s current population (Source).

4. Minimum wage earners who have at least a high school degree, and some college makes up a 70 percent. 34% of minimum wage workers have an Associates Degree or at least some college, 31% are high school graduates, 28% have less than a high school education, and 7% obtains a Bachelor’s Degree or higher (Source).

5. In 2012, Thomas Daigle of Milford, Massachusetts paid off the last of his mortgage using 62,000 pennies. He bought his home in 1977 with his wife, Sandra, and started saving the loose change since he moved in. The pennies he brought to his bank were filled in two boxes and weighed 800 pounds (Source).





How I pratice drawing things, now in a tutorial form.
The shrimp photo I used is here
Show me your shrimps if you do this uvu 

PS: lots of engrish because foreign 

This is the best art advice ever and you should all listen to it because it’s basically what I’ve been telling people for years.


i was not expecting that to actually work

Reblogging every time this pops up on my dash because this is helpful for everyone .

I tried this experiment step-by-step. For the record, I have absolutely no skill in digital art whatsoever. None. Which is why I’m doing this. I don’t know why I’m doing this, as I really only setting myself up for shame.

Shrimp Doodle

I hate you. And shrimp.

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