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Guess what I did all Sunday long. Go on, just guess. Can’t believe this took all day.

All I have to do is color the hand-drawn pieces, which I’m still debating whether to use markers or colored pencils (maybe both). Oh, and I need to glue down Hiccup, ‘cause I can’t do it until it’s colored. Then I just need to glue the whole sheet to the sketchbook. The image was too big for my scanner (my scanner is a piece of crap, anyway), and I had no idea how to successfully blend the two images together, so there you go, two images.

I did this to decorate a sketchbook I got at the dollar store. Got a baker’s dozen, and I’m going to use one for instructional use; the other twelve I’m giving to my students. If all goes well, then I can have a little art class for my non-sleeping students while the rest of their classmates are having nap time. This collage and sketchbook is going to be my proposal to host the class.

A Thought on DreamWorks Animation’s “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”

I realized that I never wrote my review on the 41st Annie Awards after my pre-show review. I had some raw notes while I watched the ceremony, saved the document, and didn’t really look at it again. I might go back to it someday and write down some other thoughts, but since DreamWorks Animation released Mr. Peabody & Sherman this weekend (and I saw the film this morning), I feel that this is relevant. I have a few more thoughts on DreamWorks Animation’s latest release, but I’m leaving those points out of here for now since this is solely focusing on the aspect of one actor’s performance.

This is the only part of the Annie Awards that REALLY bothered me, and I feel that, even after more than a month later, it’s still important to discuss.

For those of you who had not seen the awards show, Mr. Peabody & Sherman director Rob Minkoff, and actors Max Charles (Sherman) and Ariel Winter (Penny Peterson) presented several high achievement awards, which included the Special Achievement Award to CTN animation eXpo and the Certificate of Merit to the documentary, I Know That Voice. When the Mr. Peabody crew first stepped out, Charles had difficulties figuring out where he needed to stand in order to read from the teleprompter. It got to a point where Winter placed her hands on his shoulders and positioned him in the right stance. Though after that little flub, Charles handled himself very well and was very well-spoken.

I admit, I was unfamiliar with the 10-year-old before (only after the release of this movie did I start to learn his name). His resume has a good handful of acting credits, including young Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man and a regular on the TV show, “The Neighbors”, but nothing that I had personally seen. Being one of the lead voices in the film, Mr. Peabody & Sherman may be his breakout role. With these two factors in mind, this is probably his first experience at an award show, let alone speaking in front of its audience. To carrying himself with such composure, that’s more than I can say for myself if I were to stand up in front of a mass of people in the animation industry (I’d probably break down in tears, and I’m more than twice the kid’s age).

Later in the night, comedian Josh Gad (voice of Olaf the Snowman from Frozen) and Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson of The Simpsons) presented. The moment they stepped up to the podium, Gad made no hesitation in making fun of the 10-year-old actor by staring dumbly at the teleprompter, a horribly exaggerated imitation of the boy’s actual mannerisms. Not even Cartwright’s charm could soothe Gad’s abrasive behavior for the rest of the night (I’ve personally met Cartwright, and I can verify that she is indeed a delightful person).

My thoughts on Gad and his character has already been fully expressed in my 41st Annie Awards Predictions post, but to summarize, his subtle rudeness is masked by his lukewarm comedic jokes. However, his appearance at the Annie Awards blatantly confirms my suspicions about him, and I find his behavior, particularly towards Charles, to be very distasteful.

To my utter disappointment, Gad won the Outstanding Achievement award for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production. Any one of the other actors up for the award would have been more deserving for that award. And his acceptance speech? He was an awkward, sweaty mess up there on stage. Where are your jokes now, Gad?

In relation to Mr. Peabody, Gad is to star in another DreamWorks Animation film, known as Me and My Shadow (interestingly, it was set to released on March 14th, but Mr. Peabody took its place after it went back into development). I heard about it a few years back, and found both the premise and art direction to be intriguing. But now being familiar with Gad’s work, I don’t know if I could withstand watching a movie listening to his insufferable voice as the main protagonist.

Now after seeing Mr. Peabody & Sherman, I can verify that Max Charles did indeed give a spectacular performance as Sherman, and I can only hope that he will be nominated for the Outstanding Achievement award for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production for the 42nd Annual Annie Awards next year. If he does, and better yet, wins that award, all I can say is, Mr. Charles, you have every right to throw it back in Gad’s face (I bet he won’t, though. The kid’s got class)!


Happy International Women’s Day!

In case anyone was wondering where I’ve disappeared to since Tuesday night…

… I fell asleep while blogging. Again. Yes, this is apparently normal for me. Happened again Wednesday night. And kind of Thursday night, but I was in immense pain, so that was more of a reason why I fell asleep.

I find myself running out of time in the morning this week to check up on Tumblr while I’m getting ready for the weekday, which means I’m cramming my scrolling during my 15-minute work break (hadn’t really been working out the past couple of days). Stayed up late last night to catch up on my dashboard, but still have to reply to a lot of posts. Though I’m about to go out to watch a movie (and probably lunch and a few errands afterwards), so I promise to send shout-outs your way after I get back!

Oh, and I think I’ve might have figured out why Tumblr has been a pain with the HTML enabled… It’s because my internet browser is outdated. But I can’t update it without my computer software being updated first. I’ve been having this dilemma for quite a long while now. I might not blog as much (which sucks, since I wanted to make up this weekend for the lack of posts) until I either (1) borrow a computer, (2) fix my computer, or (3) buy a new computer.

There’s always the option of learning HTML or blogging without using the toolbar, but you know how picky I am. Hopefully I can get my co-teacher’s boyfriend, an engineer at Apple, to fix my crap of a computer.

Now time to go see a movie. See you later!

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